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Mark Fritz

Mark has lived and worked across the world (Singapore, Egypt, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, UK and the USA), and now lives in London with his Japanese wife Atsuko. His international career included leading enterprise systems implementations, leading international operations, and also coordinating business model development and changes.
Mark understands how to lead CHANGE and to get your people to OWN IT!.
He has spoken on leadership success in over 50 countries, and has mentored across business owners and executives across the world. His latest book is Lead & Influence: Get More Ownership, Commitment & Achievement from your Team, and is also the author of The Truth About Getting More Done and Time to Get Started.
Mark had taught across various masters on leadership at the international IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, and coached their Global Executive MBA students both informally and then formally over his years at the school. He now teaches in various in various company leadership academies through the Porto Business School.